Бездомништвото е процес што опфаќа лица со ограничена вклученост во општествениот живот, кои го бараат сопствениот идентитет и немаат живеалиште, живеат во несигурни и/или несоодветни услови или, пак, се привремено згрижени во прифатилишта или во институции.


Public homelessness

Public homelessness is a category of homeless people without roof over their heads – people who reside on the street.


Hidden homelessness

Hidden homelessness is category of people without home, sheltered in institutionally or otherwise supported housing.

    • Women sheltered in reception points for domestic violence victims;
    • Migrants: sheltered in centers for immigrants, reception points or in short-term housing due to their immigrant status:
    • People who are soon to be released from prison, psychiatric or other institutions and have no available home;

Potential homelessness

Potential homelessness is a category of people living in insecure and inappropriate housing

    • People living in uncertain accommodation (in their relatives’ and friends’ homes or in usurped land or housing);
    • People whose ownership of possessions might be taken over by a creditor;
    • People who are victims of home violence;
    • People living in temporary, inconvenient houses;