Public homelessness is a category of homeless people without roof over their heads – people who reside on the street. Hidden homelessness is category of people without home, sheltered in institutionally or otherwise supported housing.


Introduction and first interview with homeless person.

During the first contact, representation and an attempt to determine the history of the individual’s life occurs (at most cases, it is not realistic to do this on the first contact), as well as intervention if  there is any crisis situation (for an example, because of sickness of the interviewee). In terms of all kinds of homelessness, basic questions that are related to socio-demographic status, health, vices, external look and contacts, are the same. The differences are determined in accordance with type of homelessness.

Principles of work:

  • Do not make any denies on any statement,
  • Listen more,
  • Speak less,
  • Do not promise anything,
  • Explain why you want to help to a person.